What better way to thank all your fans than with a signed personalized headshot.

KOODO IS PROUD TO BE CANADA'S NUMBER 1 MOST RECOMMENDED PHONE COMPANY and to thank all of their fans for making them number one we decided to write a personalize headshot to every Koodo fan. Accessing the Grande Gracais app through Facebook, users are greeted by El Tabador(Koodo's spokesman) who's busy signing autographs for all of his fans. User's are then presented with their own unique headshot and the opportunity to share it on their wall as well as view the gallery of personalized headshots for other fans.


The largest photo of shelves in the world.

CASTOR, A DESIGN STUDIO KNOWN FOR ODD, YET ARTISTIC, HIGH-END FURNITURE, wanted a website to showcase their work as well as the inspiration behind it. So we created the GigaShelf - a billion pixel image of a shelf, filled with objects the Castor designers use for inspiration, shot with a GigaPan camera, and transformed into their website. Visitors navigate by exploring these objects, each one carefully placed to reveal something about the artist's inspiration.

  • Shortlisted – Cannes Cyberlion
  • FWA
  • Communication Arts Site of the Day


A life-size version of the largest photo of shelves in the world on a phone.

CASTOR, A DESIGN STUDIO KNOWN FOR ODD, YET ARTISTIC, HIGH-END FURNITURE, wanted a website to showcase their work as well as the inspiration behind it. So we created the GigaShelf - a billion pixel image of a shelf, filled with objects the Castor designers use for inspiration, shot with a GigaPan camera, and transformed into their website. Visitors navigate by exploring these objects, each one carefully placed to reveal something about the artist's inspiration.

The challenge for the mobile version was to find a way to recreate the impressive detail and intimate feel of the original site, but on the much smaller screen size available on mobile devices.

We decided to acknowledge the smaller screen size and find an innovative way to make it an integral part of the overall experience. To do this, we created a virtual, life-size version of the shelf that people could access through their phones. Then we used the phone's accelerometer and gyroscope to turn it into a virtual viewfinder for navigating the site.

Users could then move their bodies and phones around to explore the life-size image and see all of the objects, links, and hidden features as if they were actually there, standing right in front of them. They could also interact with any object using simple finger movements and could tap any of the links to find out more information about the company and the individual pieces of furniture they design.

  • Mobile FWA


It's time to start taking advantage of all those friends.

TO CELEBRATE KOODO'S END TO LONG DISTANCE AND ROAMING CHARGES we wanted to show fan's of Koodo on Facebook how all their long distance friends could win them prizes. When fans log in, the game calculates the distance between their current location and of their Facebook friends. For every friend they successfully recruit they earn the kilometres separating them. The one with the most kilometers at the end wins.

  • Bronze Digital Marketing Awards


A beautiful look inside the 2010 Buick lineup.

TO INTRODUCE THE NEWLY REVAMPED LINE-UP OF PREMIUM BUICKS, we tell the story of what it took to create them. In this handsome website, Buick's Design Director Dave Lyon guides users through the design philosophies and cutting edge processes that were employed in making these beautiful vehicles, well, beautiful.

  • Merit – One Show Interactive
  • Gold ADCC, Motion Graphics
  • Silver ADCC, Business to Consumer
  • Applied Arts Interactive Annual


Prepare to drop soldier.

WHEN YOU LAUNCH OF ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR VIDEO GAMES ON THE PLANET, the expectation is high. Luckily, we had fans that would do just about anything to get a glimpse of Halo 3 ODST. That's why we made them work for it through a mini-ARG campaign. We developed a seamless online / offline experience that included a guerrilla style scavenger hunt with viral videos, hidden clues, encrypted messages, GPS coordinates, custom Google maps, real world locations, interactions and SMS communication.

Gamers banded together to find clues and solve a myriad of puzzles. Those who were successful in cracking the code got a VIP ticket to the launch party in Toronto along with limited edition swag and the chance to brag about being the one of the first to play Halo 3 ODST.

  • Merit – One Show Interactive
  • Gold Marketing Awards, Non-Traditional
  • Gold Digital Marketing Awards, Online Campaign
  • Gold Digital Marketing Awards, Gaming
  • Applied Arts Interactive Annual

Motrin Wicked Pain Poker

Poking your friends has never been more fun.

TIRED OF YOUR FRIENDS' ANNOYING STATUS UPDATES? Then poke them where it hurts with "The MOTRIN Wicked Pain Poker". The Pain Poker is a fun Facebook app that creates a custom voodoo doll of your status-happy friends. All you have to do is let the poking begin. Depending on where you poke them you'll see a humorous video of the pain you've inflicted.

  • Applied Arts Interactive Annual

Cadillac SRX

Get in. Stand out.

WHEN THE COMPLETELY REDESIGNED CADILLAC SRX LAUNCHED, we built an experiential site that gave users a close look inside - and out. The challenge was overcoming the perception that crossover vehicles are clunky and not well designed. The only way to prove that Cadillac's crossover could in deed be luxurious and gorgeous was to use rich video. These clips allowed you to see all the angles, every small detail, and of course the performance. On top of that, you could customize the SRX in each scene, making you feel connected to the vehicle and ultimately bringing you one step closer to taking the SRX for a spin.

B-Class Microsite

Your World. Your Stuff. Your Mercedes-Benz.

DIFFERENT PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT LIFESTYLES. And Mercedes-Benz shows that their b-class can fit any one of them. We created a site that builds a customized journey around your life. By engaging with the site and answering a few questions, such as where to do you need to go, a unique experience is delivered to you. It's like a German engineered Choose Your Own Adventure. Through each experience, users can find out why the B-Class is right for their lifestyle while learning about the various features of the car.

  • FWA
  • Applied Arts Interactive Annual
  • Silver W3 Award
  • Gold Davey Award

Molson Mega Keg

You can't miss it.

WHEN MOLSON CANADIAN CELEBRATES, THEY CELEBRATE BIG. To build excitement around our nation's defining lager, Molson built the world's largest beer keg. And when you have a huge keg, you obviously throw a huge party. To show people the sheer size and scale of the keg, we created a site where users could view it. But of course being a Mega Keg, the entire thing wouldn't fit in a browser. Users could only see select parts of the Keg and would have to scroll to view all the different sections. In each section users are rewarded with something fun and new to explore.

  • Silver Davey Award

Stouffer's Panini

You can't miss it.

NO ONE WANTS TO BRING A BORING BROWN BAG SANDWICH TO WORK ANYMORE. So Stouffer's created a tasty microwavable Panini with an innovative grilling plate. To show that the days of brown bag lunches were numbered, we introduced consumers to "Bo" the surly bologna sandwich. His goal was persuade you (albeit with little success) that Stouffer's hot crispy paninis are not nearly as good as your trusty old brown bag lunch. However, as you went through the site and learned more about this new and tasty lunch option, his arguments fell flat.

Bluetec Microsite

The World's Cleanest Diesel Technology

MERCEDES-BENZ IS RENOWNED AS A WORLD LEADER FOR INNOVATION IN AUTOMOTIVE engineering. And their latest accomplishment is no exception. It's called BlueTEC clean diesel - an engine that converts most NOx emissions into water and harmless nitrogen. To launch this new eco-friendly technology we created a clean and engaging site where users can learn about how the BlueTEC system works, engine performance benefits, and models available.


Open the happiness of the Olympics

AS ONE OF THE MAIN SPONSORS FOR THE 2010 WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES, Coca-Cola wanted to show their spirit on iCoke.ca. Using the stones from the Vancouver Olympic's inukshuk logo, we re-created the current campaign's bursting bloom effect. The end result - a seamless tie between the Olympic spirit and the Coke brand.

In addition to revamping the site, Coke was lucky enough to have several spots on the Olympic torch relay. So we created a destination where users could nominate themselves to run with the torch, follow the relay, and show their spirit by lighting a virtual torch of their own which showed up on the map.

Molson Road Hockey Revenge

The most fun you can have not scoring.

WHAT DO YOU DO AS A CANADIAN WHEN A STRANGER TRASH TALKS YOUR FAVOURITE BEER? Why you tie them up to a goal post and start taking shots. This online game starts right where the TV campaign left off. Jason Jones has been tied up to a hockey net and you're the lucky Canadian with the chance to take revenge. Hit him in different areas to score points, discover combo balls (no pun intended), and hidden bonuses before the time runs out.

Molson Party Pickup

Bring your friends to the party.

MOLSON WANTED TO BEEF UP THEIR COLLECTION OF ONLINE GAMES. But it had to be something that was fun, tied into the essence of their brand and navigated the strict rules of alcohol advertising. After several concepts we landed on a game where the goal was to pick up as many friends on the way to a party as possible - literally.

  • Gold Davey Award
  • FITC finalist
  • Silver ADCC

Molson Canadian Campus Challenge

Be the #1 party school in Canada.

MOLSON CANADIAN COLD SHOTS wanted to help students show their school spirit so we launched a Facebook contest which would ask fans to rally behind their school to become the number 1 party school in Canada. Fans of Molson Canada would find a room located at their school within the game and upload a party pic. The school with the most submission would win and gain bragging rights as the number 1 party school in Canada.

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